Kaum sind Update 1.1 und Update 1.1.1 bei The Secret World online, steht auch schon Update 1.2 in den Startlöchern… zumindest auf dem TestLive-Server des Spiels. Die vorläufigen Patchnotes, die in der nächsten Zeit vermutlich noch weiter wachsen werden, findest du in diesem Artikel!
Die erste Version der Patchnotes für Update 1.2 vom TestLive-Server ist eingetroffen. Wie immer stellen diese nicht zwingendermaßen die finale Version des kommenden Updates dar, geben aber dennoch einen guten Überblick darüber, welche Änderungen geplant sind.
Voraussichtlich werden die Patchnotes in der nächsten Zeit noch erweitert werden. Wir werden diesen Artikel dann natürlich entsprechend aktualisieren, sobald weitere Änderungen bekannt sind.
Update am 08.09.2012: Es gibt wieder Neues auf dem TestLive-Server, u.a. den Alptraum-Modus für die Dungeons Die Anlage und Ewige Hölle. Die entsprechende Ergänzung gibt es wie immer ganz unten!
Update am 03.09.2012: Auf dem TestLive-Server sind nun u.a. die neuen Missionen verfügbar! Die entsprechende Ergänzung der Patchnotes gibt es ganz am Ende des Artikels.
Update am 28.08.2012: Die vorläufigen Patchnotes für Update 1.2 wurden erneut ergänzt!
Update am 17.08.2012: Die Patchnotes wurden in den letzten beiden Tagen erweitert. Einmal ans Ende scrollen bitte!
Update 1.2 – Vorläufige Patchnotes [Stand: 08.08.2012]

**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

  • London – Fixed the hat vendor’s voices to match their genders.
  • Tabula Rasa – Gave some npcs more health. Players can now use active dodge in this playfield.
  • Pangaea mannequins no longer have (U) use tooltips.
  • Corrected several visual issues with clothing.
  • Player is no longer able to get stuck between the bookcase and a chair in Dracula’s Castle.


  • Assault Rifle – The tooltip for Leeching Frenzy will now correctly state that the beneficial effect has a duration of 4 seconds.
  • Assault Rifle – Anima Outbreak now specifies the number of friendly targets healed per enemy target hit.
  • Assault Rifle – Tactical Retreat grenade will now damage targets.
  • Assault Rifle – Tactical Retreat will no longer go on cooldown if it can’t be used (eg. if you have a cliff behind you).
  • Assault Rifle – High Explosive Grenade’s tooltip now reflects that it does more damage to Afflicted targets
  • Assault Rifle – Frag Grenade now does area damage when used with 4 and 5 resources.
  • Assault Rifle – Lucky Bullet’s tooltip now reflects that the effect happens on the 7th attack, not on the 8th attack.
  • Assault Rifle – The tooltip for Shellshocker now correctly states that it hits every 0.25 seconds instead of every 0.3 seconds.
  • Assault Rifle – Fixed an issue with Demolition, Man.
  • Assault Rifle – The tooltip for Leeching Frenzy will now correctly state that the beneficial effect has a duration of 4 seconds.
  • Assault Rifle – Anima Outbreak now specifies the number of friendly targets healed per enemy target hit.
  • Blood – Gaian Exposure’s buff is now correctly named “Gaian Exposure”.
  • Blood – Updated Blood Pact tooltip for barrier with numeric information (absorption rate and amount).
  • Elementalism – Aidelon : Reduced the critical chance bonus on Afflicted targets with Blaze from 100% to 40%.
  • Elementalism – The damage buff from Short Fuse is now consistent whether the caster is in a group or not.
  • Elementalism – Group mates will receive the Short Fuse buff when a group member casts it.
  • Fist – Hog Wild now only effects NPCs located within the specific cone effect area.
  • Fist – Lick Your Wounds’ healing ticks are no longer able to crit.
  • Fist – Using Anima Burst will now increment stacks of Hot Iron.
  • Hammer – Updated tooltip of Blowout to display proper health increase %.
  • Pistols – Big Bang will now actually trigger each time each time a manifestation, turret, or drone deals damage.
  • Pistols – Critical Help will only trigger when a manifestation, turret, or drone is summoned.
  • Pistols – Win-win will now affect the caster and cleanse the correct number of detrimental effects.
  • Shotgun – Smart Bomb: Reduced placement range to normal shotgun range.
  • Shotgun – Bomb Squad: Reduced placement range to normal shotgun range.
  • Shotgun – Riot Act will now show the advanced tooltip when the Show Advanced Tooltip option is selected.
  • Do or Die no longer has a brief delay after activating it.


  • Wallachian nightmare dungeons give an increased amount of Black Bullion.
  • The Slaughterhouse – Aleksei-Chetyre should now die immediately when reaching 0 health.
  • Darkness War Nightmare: Wayeb-Xul: The duration of the stun applied by Concuss is now slightly shorter.
  • Darkness War Nightmare: Wayeb-Xul now pauses his combat a few seconds after casting Concuss.
  • The Facility – Anima Control Rod beams should no longer flicker.


  • Healing signets will now trigger on the correct target.
  • Signet of Castigation will now have a visual indicator when active.
  • Fixed an issue with Signet of Ablation not activating properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Signet of Equilibrium not applying properly.
  • Penetration kickbacks will now trigger correctly.
  • Black Mark of the Morrigan now correctly applies Flurry of Feathers from all heals, including blood magic barriers that have a direct healing component.
  • Players can now create moulds with weapons such as Taipan’s Last Resort and Soul Crusher.
  • The clothing item Atenist Garb no longer causes the player’s eyebrows to change color to orange.
  • Fixed the name of the ability cast by the Fragmentation grenade, now named “Fragmentation Grenade”.


  • Into Darkness – Illuminati : You will now be able to continue if you skip the road flares and proceed to the meeting point in the dark.

The Savage Coast

  • Carter Unleashed – It is no longer possible to get stuck in the generators in the basement.

The Blue Mountain

  • The Media pop up for tier 4 of The Orochi Group mission should now be localized.
  • Dreamcatcher – Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the goal “Find a Wabanaki Guide’s feather” after pausing and unpausing the quest.
  • Bitter Servants can no longer attack players through walls in the Franklin Mansion and can no longer pass through walls.
  • Fixed an issue in pathfinding near the Franklin Mansion staircase where NPCs would end up under the stairs or on the above floor.

The Scorched Desert

  • Old Gods, New Tricks – Mission dynel used to spy has been renamed to Spy on Tanis.


  • Blue Mountain soldier’s arms now match the color of the rest of their skin.
  • Blue Mountain – Fixed the respawn times on the Ellri Lords and Brood Mothers in the Quarry.
  • Reanimated Warrior’s XX_Mesopotamian Snare cast is now named “Halting approach”.
  • Ellri Destroyers’ XX_Attract Zombie cast is now named “Undead attraction”.